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*Back again by popular request!*

This class is for all the people out there who are seeking the guidance and proper tools necessary for their "awakened" path. I have noticed a large number of people coming to me for readings saying things like "I keep seeing 11:11..." "I am feeling/ seeing things that I didn't before.." "I feel alone because I am not like my friends anymore..." "I have all the symptoms that I am going through an awakening"...etc...If you are one of these people or are just seeking more information on the "energy fundamentals" then this class is for you.

*As there are limited number of seats available for this class, please register by filling out the form below


How does energy function? How to distinguish your energy from others.

Demonstration on how to cleanse your energy body in a variety of ways. You will be individually cleansed and the group as a whole will be attuned as well.

Introduction to & in depth exploration of the seven major Chakras of your body. As you sit connecting to the earth, sky and space all around you, you will be guided to and through each energy center (chakra) of your body. You will receive handouts with the information about chakras so you don't have to think about the information and thus make it more about your experience.

Becoming attuned to and Utilizing Crystal / Gemstone Energy. After you are guided into each chakra you will be more attuned to the energy present and more aware of how you are feeling and what it's like to sit in your own energy. At this point you will be introduced to specific crystals / gemstones that correlate with each chakra. In this state of awareness you will be able to receive the information / feel the energy and "listen" to the gemstone.

All are welcome to this class no experience or vocabulary needed to engage. Come with your questions and ready to meet new people on the same path!

Blessings and Best Wishes


*As there are limited number of seats available for this class, please register by completing the form below

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